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By Nicole W.
Denver, CO

Amazing pedicure!

Location was a bit hard to find, but once there  – oh my!! Got a regular pedicure, staff was very friendly, chairs were super comfortable. The location is very cute – lots of animal prints! Love it! There is a nice sized nail drying station. There is a frequent buyer card. The pedicure: double massage, extra time spent on removing calluses, salt scrub, lotion, and pure bliss! A great and fabulous massage!! I brought my own OPI – purple – but expect it to last as well as theirs!!

Awesome Service

by ljdietz at Citysearch

I’ve gotten both a pedicure and a rebase at Signature and was blown away. Hands down the best nail salon that i’ve been to. The staff is friendly and their work is quality! They do wonderful designs and have a lot of options to choose from. I will definitely be returning!

Best Nail & Spa Place!

by chavermann at Citysearch

I decided to have my eyebrows permanently done. This place was recommended by my sister and I have to say that I have not been disappointed. I’m very satisfied with my eyebrows and have been back several times for pedicures. The salon very clean and the employees are very professional.

Best Nail &&’ Spa Place Ever!!!!!!!!!

by Biggiee at Citysearch

i recommend to all the lady’s out there who want to get there nails done, to come to Signature Nails & Spa!! they do the best artist work!! i love coming here! even to the gentlemen who want to Pedis & Mani’ come here & you’ll get treated the way you should!

_love yous’ Rebecca(:

Best Nail Salon

by rmsanchez12 at Citysearch

I really like the environment, this is the best place I have been to so far!


by AshleyLef at Citysearch

This is the best nail salon I’ve ever been to!


by LuckyLou08 at Citysearch

I found this place spur of the moment and I will never ever go anywhere else,not only are the products extremely high end the prices are ridiculously low for all the hard work and detail they put in your nails. Tony of course is incredible and he speaks so highly of his staff which are all great!! Erik did my pedicure and it’s the best pedi I’ve ever had in my life I can’t believe how soft and clean and perfect my feet look he’s great!!!! The inside is to die for and so classy and high end dont let the outside deceive you!!!! Make an appointment and be patient they are SO SO good they are packed full every single day. But they are so friendly will listen to your ever word and accomplish it!!

Colorado’s best nail salon

by Ashley1313 at Citysearch

signature nails is hands down the top nail salon anyone could ever experience. The creative designs, amazing staff and comforting atmosphere is too perfect for words. Any customer will become a regular after just one visit. I have never seen such a well put together salon. You will always enter welcomed and leave pleased with the results. I
recommend to any person to see for themselves how special and exciting the signature spa truly is.

Best nail salon EVER!!!

by jc09jc07 at Citysearch

I will absolutely never go anywhere else. This nail salon has the high end salon atmosphere and services at very low and affordable prices. I had the most amazing pedicure. This is the only salon I know of that practices all the latest trends in the nail industry. Tony is a genius and does such an amazing job with 3D nail art. I have never done a review before, but I knew I had to share my experience! This salon has grown in popularity so it is highly suggested that you make an appointment. If you want to do same day services call early in the morning because they will book up and quickly. The reason why I vote this “the best salon ever” is because not only are you getting quality high end service, you are paying out of this world low prices.

Stupendous Nail Salon!

by yacj4gg at Citysearch

This is by far the best nail salon I’ve been too; as well as my two daughters. We absolutely enjoy the time spent relaxing and looking beautiful, especially with Tony! :) The prices of the services are affordable and Signature Nails & Spa nail technicians are always making sure you are satisfied; they do a very good job! They strive for their clients to joyfully return. They will even stay after hours if needed. Their number one priority is their clients’ satisfaction. It’s really close to home, very convenient location.

Best pedicures ever!!!

by rosaguzman at Citysearch

This is the first nail place that you walk in and feel at home…..The pedicures are very relaxing and you don’t feel like they are in a hurry to get you out….. I love the lay out of the place it is beautiful. They have beautiful nail designs…… Read the rating rundon’t walk!!!!

Exquisite Signature Nails & Spa

by Ezperanza at Citysearch

This was the first, and best experience I had.

The nail, and spa salon was amazing…The service here is the best, ever! They were so nice,cleanest, and got the job done right! I Love This Place!! I will come back no doubt about it,Thanks Signature for making my nails look the best! The best thing ever, they make you feel so relaxed! I felt as if I was in heaven, and i never feel like I am.

Thanks Signature,
Ezperanza Martinez <33

best nails place ! very relaxing!!!

by leah12345678 at Citysearch

This nail salon is new and amazing! I have been here twice and will be bringing my mom here for mothers day. The people are friendly, and super relaxing. I come after work to relax!


by JAYANDEM140 at Citysearch

I had my nail salon for over 10 years and I came here once and will never go anywhere else. It is the cleanest, friendliest, best priced and the most beautiful salon in all of Colorado. Don’t waste anymore time where you are going switch now and you will never go anywhere else.

Awesome People… Amazing Quality

by JillyG at Citysearch

I’m in love with this nail salon!!! I totally swear by them and am here at least once a week! The amazing staff all provide the highest quality in whatever you are visiting for. I love the beautiful work they do on both my daughter and my acrylic nails! I have never had such quality work done, and there is nothing better then sitting in one of their glorious pedi stations, and getting the best foot treatment ever!

I reccomend this salon to EVERYONE!!! The staff is professional and the salon itself is cutting edge and very clean! Go get a mani, a pedi, a full set, a beautiful wax job or permanent make up! It’s totally worth the trip to leave even more beautiful then when you arrived!

Love this place!

by mARIONI at Citysearch



by ZebraJewelz at Citysearch

I love this place! Ive been looking everywhere for a nice professional, clean place to get my nails done. This place beats any place ive ever been to they are so professional and clean. they treat me like a princess. Im really picky about my nails but they satisfied me! they also do waxing, and eyelash extensions… by far the best place ive ever been to. where i live is really ghetto… so every nail salon is ghetto except this one! I will recommend this to anyone they are the best! Oh and the quality! i am very impressed!

Awesome Nails!!

by Morgan420 at Citysearch

I have never been a fan of getting my nails done until I came to this place.
Not only are the employees super nice but my nails come out PERFECT every time!!! I love them!!!

By far the best nail salon/spa I’ve been to!! =)

by Maddi628 at Citysearch

I’ve gotten my nails done for YEARS and this place has by far exceeded all expectations and previous experiences. The inside is beautiful and clean and you are greeted by friendly and welcoming staff. They have more products, options, and ideas about nails than I’ve ever seen! For the two months I’ve been coming here the staff all have ALL displayed excellent customer service skills as well as experience necessary to complete the crazy styles I manage to throw their way. ;) It’s a bit out of my way but well worth the drive! Great prices, great
quality, great people, and they are quick at what they do so it all makes for a great experience. Thanks Signature Nails & Spa, you will remain my nail place as long as you are open!! =)

Awsome Place!

by Jess11 at Citysearch

Ok so first of all… this place was the cleanest nail salon i have been to in this area! When you walk in it does’nt have the stong smell like any other nail salon… they were very professional and clean. They have awsom prices and do great work! I would really recommend this place to any one! This spa is honestly the only place i will come to after going there once! ;)

Highly Recommended

by jvunique 23 at Citysearch

I usually do my own nails and decided to try Signature Nails and Spa. The environment is very classy as are the designs. The people are very friendly and inviting, they really believe in customer service. I love my nails and have went back 3 times now. I plan on moving up north however I will continue to come here from now on because it is so worth the trip!! Thanks to Tony and everyone else who works there!! You all are awesome!! See you soon!

Exquisite Signature Nails & Spa

by Peacocks at Citysearch

Fantastic job! They are quick for rebases and new nail bases. They don’t burn, cut, or damage you in anyway you might think. They are very sociable and pleasant people to talk with. I use to go to another nail salon but we came here and were surprised by the excellence! We continue to come here to this day. They do everything from nails, to pedicures, waxing, even permanent make-up! I have never seen a store with so many options to do for yourself to help you feel more exquisite! They do exceptional art on your nails (I know I had a zebra design on mine). They are excellent designers!! You will not regret you came here and that’s a guarantee!

Exquisite Signature Nails & Spa

by DDMARIE at Citysearch

They are Awesome! I highly recommend this nail spa, Ive been to many an they are Definitely my favorite for several reasons. They keep the spa sanitized and very clean, they are wonderful nail technicians an provide great customer service! I feel at home an very relaxed every time I walk into Signature Nails & Spa. Overall they are
Phenomenal!!! I encourage anyone and everyone to try them out, you will not be disappointed!

Best Nail Salon Environment!

by DreaG at Citysearch

Signature Nails & Spa is a fabulous place to receive all your nail salon needs, with its inviting and stylish atmosphere you cant help but feel relaxed and excited once you step in. The spa services are cutting edge and sophisticated as well as very clean and sterile, in fact I have never seen such a clean nail salon before! All employees appreciate you choosing their salon, as when you walk in they are all excited to see you!!! The shop is new and very affordable, it is very professional yet a comfortable environment. I highly recommend this spa to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!!!!! Well worth a visit trust me, you won’t want to go anywhere else for your spa and nail needs!!!!

Rock Star Nails

by Rhonda blueeyes at Citysearch

This new salon is beautifull!! A warm and inviting place the moment you walk in the door, and you are greeted with a friendly Hello and a shining smile!!! The service was top notch and at a very affordable cost!! Tony and Nancy really know how to treat their clients. I have had my nails done at others salons and have regretted it the second I walk out the door. Tony does the most professional job. The shop is new, and I did not have time to use any of the other services, but I am looking forward to having a pedicure in one of their chairs. I highly recommend this spa to anyone who wants to look RockStar perfect….believe me you wont be sorry! Thanks Tony and Nancy for giving me a shop that I look forward to going in, and Thank You for making me feel beautifull!!!! Rhonda.

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